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Name: Ryan Thomas Gosling
Date of birth: November 12, 1980 in London, Ontario, Canada
Birth town: London, Ontario, Canada
Job Titles: Actor, Singer
Sign: Scorpio Marital Status: Single
Natural Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 6'2
Weight: changes as it's needed for his role
Ethnicity (Race): White caucasian
Nationality: American
Gay or Straight: Straight
Religion: Mormon

Ryan Gosling Trivia

● While still in grade school, he sang and played guitar with his sister at fashion shows, weddings, and charity benefits.
● First break came in January 1993 when open auditions were held in Montreal for MMC (1989).
● Nickname: Opie
● He has 2 cats and a dog named George.
● His favourite actor is Gary Oldman.
● Is an accomplished jazz guitarist.
● Keeps in touch with his BREAKER HIGH (1997) co-star Scott Vickaryous.
● Purchased the Jeep Cherokee, driven by Ben Chaplin in MURDER BY NUMBERS (2002) from the set of the movie.
● Was taken out of elementary school as a child, and taught at home by his mother, due to constant abuse from other students.
● While on MMC (1989), he lived with Justin Timberlake and his mother.
● Writer-director Henry Bean believed that Gosling's strict Mormon upbringing helped the actor to understand the intense obsessiveness (and growing hatred) with Judaism that his character, Danny, has in THE BELIEVER (2001).
● On June 19, 2007 Ryan was one of 115 people to be admitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which is the group whose members vote on Academy Award nomination ballots.
● Ryan was nominated for a 2007 Academy award for 'Best Actor' for his role in the film Half Nelson.
● 2005's "Who To Do" list on Canada's MuchMusic network named Ryan #2 on the list for the males.
● For the film The Notebook, Ryan had to lose the beard and 20lbs he'd had as the older Noah and come back to play the young Noah.
● Ryan's middle name is Thomas, which is also his father's first name.
● Ryan has contributed back up vocals on Canadian band Soul Decision's 2000 CD, No One Does it Better.
● Ryan has appeared at Los Angeles' Cat Club, performing his own songs.
● Ryan wears a shirt that says "Darfur." It's a campaign to stop genocide in Darfur, Sudan.
● Ryan's parents are divorced.
● Ryan speaks French.
● Ryan loves Evian Water & Glosette Raisins.
● Ryan said that there were no sparks between him & Rachel back then when they were filming "The Notebook."
● One of Ryan's mentors is Henry Bean, the writer of "The Believer."
● When Ryan came in to audition for the lead role of The Notebook, he felt like he was totally wrong for it.
● Ryan was born in the same hospital (in a different year though) as his The Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams - St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario.

Ryan Gosling Quotes

"If I eat a huge meal and I can get the girl to rub my belly, I think that’s about as romantic as I can think of."

(About feeling responsible for Britney Spears' sexuality because he corrupted her when they were on MMC) "They would come and ask me questions about sex, and I just told them what I heard - like positions and stuff. All the other mothers went to Disney and told them I was corrupting their kids. I feel somewhat responsible for how sexual she is right now. When I see her with a snake around her neck, I think, did I do that?"

"I love being Canadian. I think growing up in Canada gives you a world perspective that I certainly enjoy."

"Acting isn't that hard, really. I mean, I think that people make a big deal about it, but you just kind of try to say your lines naturally. You try to make them sound like you're saying them for the first time, but that's about it. I think that it's an interesting job. I think that you can sort of have your own personal journey and you know, you can just kind of apply that to whatever characters you’re playing."

"I've learned it's important not to limit yourself. You can do whatever you really love to do, no matter what it is."

"I don't think anyone can teach you how to be a man but a woman. You only learn by learning what they need."

(About the kind of women he likes) "It comes down to intelligence. I think that's the ultimate aphrodisiac."

"What happened in New York was the worst, it was murder. And yet, many in my generation seem unaffected. We're all taken care of in a sense, not all of us for sure, but there's a certain population which is interesting to me of these kids that really don't have to worry about anything. They don't have to worry about what they want to do for a living. They kind of have nothing to stand for. There's nothing to stand for. We don't have flower power, we're not the peace generation, there's no war -- well, maybe there is now. I mean it's changing, but until this point it was just kind of like limbo."

"I understand the studios, in the sense that if they're going to spend $100 million on a film, they want to make sure they're gonna get that back… but I don't know how to guarantee you you're going to make that money back, and I'm uncomfortable working with those kind of numbers."

Ryan Gosling Awards


2007 | Independent Spirit Award | Best Male Lead for: Half Nelson (2006)
2007 | Las Palmas Film Festival | Best Actor for Half Nelson (2006)
2006 | Seattle International Film Festival | Best Actor for: Half Nelson (2006)
2006 | Stockholm Film Festival | Best Actor for: Half Nelson (2006)
2006 | National Board of Review, USA | Best Breakthrough Performance - Male for: Half Nelson (2006)
2005 | MTV Movie Award | Best Kiss for: The Notebook (2004) Shared with: Rachel McAdams
2005 | Teen Choice Awards | Choice Movie Breakout Performance - Male for: The Notebook (2004)
2005 | Teen Choice Awards | Choice Movie Chemistry for: The Notebook (2004) Shared with: Rachel McAdams
2005 | Teen Choice Awards | Choice Movie Liplock for: The Notebook (2004) Shared with: Rachel McAdams
2005 | Teen Choice Awards | Choice Movie Love Scene for: The Notebook (2004) Shared with: Rachel McAdams (Noah and Allie on the bridge)
2005 | Teen Choice Awards | Choice Movie Actor: Drama for: The Notebook (2004)
2004 | ShoWest Convention, USA | Male Star of Tomorrow
2001 | Russian Guild of Film Critics | Best Foreign Actor for: The Believer (2001)


2007 | Oscar | Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (Half Nelson - 2006)
2007 | Critics Choice Award | Best Actor (Half Nelson - 2006)
2007 | Chlotrudis Award | Best Actor for: Half Nelson (2006)
2007 | Online Film Critics Society Awards | Best Actor for: Half Nelson (2006)
2007 | Screen Actors Guild Awards | Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role for: Half Nelson (2006)
2007 | Teen Choice Awards | Choice Movie Actor: Horror/Thriller for: Fracture (2007)
2006 | CFCA Award | Best Actor (Half Nelson - 2006)
2006 | Satellite Awards | Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama for: Half Nelson (2006)
2005 | Teen Choice Awards | Choice Movie Dance Scene for: The Notebook (2004) Shared with: Rachel McAdams (Noah and Allie dance in the street)
2003 | CFCA Award | Most Promising Performer for: The Believer (2001) Also for Murder by Numbers (2002)
2002 | Independent Spirit Award | Best Male Lead for: The Believer (2001)

Ryan Gosling Astrology

Scorpio is the eighth Sign of the Zodiac, and you shouldn't take that lightly. You shouldn't take Scorpios lightly, either. Those born under this Sign are dead serious in their mission to learn about others. There's no fluff or chatter for Scorpios, either: these folks will zero in on the essential questions, gleaning the secrets that lie within. Scorpios concern themselves with beginnings and endings, and are unafraid of either; they also travel in a world which is black and white and has little use for gray. The curiosity of Scorpios is immeasurable, which may be why they are such adept investigators. These folks love to probe and know how to get to the bottom of things. The fact that they have a keen sense of intuition certainly helps.
It's the Scorpion which symbolizes Scorpios, and it's no accident. Much like the Scorpion would rather kill itself than be killed, those born under this Sign are the ones who are in ultimate control of their destiny. It is life on the Scorpion's terms, too, since these folks promote their agenda (they are quite the executives) and see to it that things go forward. Others may find this overbearing (it can be) and even self-destructive, but that's the beauty of the Scorpion: these folks have tremendous regenerative powers, much like the literal Scorpion can lose its tail and promptly grow a new one. Fearless Scorpions rarely lose, per se, they just keep on going, since they are stubborn and determined to succeed (this Scorpio trait is in keeping with the Fixed Quality assigned to this Sign). Scorpios work as hard as they do so they can someday sit back and feel satisfied with themselves. These folks are intense, passionate and filled with desire. They're also complex and secretive, so don't expect to get much out of them, lest they become suspicious and exit stage left. It's best not to bet against Scorpios, either, since these folks are surprisingly resourceful.

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